Sorry for the silence!

I have not been blogging recently because I am turning something over in my head, something which has been in my head for a very long time.  When I was writing my previous blog, Coming Out at 48, I had a wide readership and drew the attention of several book editors and agents.  At the time, I felt too close to the events themselves to imagine writing a book, but the years are passing.  Those events are no longer so raw, so recent, and I am exploring the possibility of turning those posts into a book.  So many people continue to write me, asking me about the blog, telling me their stories, wondering if I will put the posts back online.  Often they ask if there is a book coming.

Well, maybe it is time for me to find out...

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Jeff said...

I would be interested in reading your story in book form. I was sorry I missed your blog in real time. I enjoy your style of writing.

Anonymous said...

trying to accurately recall......the part where you were in the house and the phone was ringing (obviously not for you) and there was the busy bustling and commotion of requisite family life all about - you were completely and utterly detached. Well, wow, that was well written. How familiar these experiences must be.

You are a great architect of prose, that’s for sure. Yes, put it in a book.

paul said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

jim said...

i am glad that you are back blogging, I've missed your writing, your insight. How you are able to capture in words the feelings I had as I was caught between two worlds. Your blog posts helped greatly in my own process of coming to terms with my gayness. Like you I have moved on my family has survived as I have, even to the extent of including my partner into our new extended family. A book would be wonderful as I am still amazed at the number of us out there.

Jim (Unmasked)

Anonymous said...

A book makes sense. I say go for it! You're blog has already gotten a test drive which is a huge advantage. I hope you don't censor too much (and possibly make things more clear perhaps regarding comments.) The comments might even be something to put at the end of chapters-it'd make for a new genre or style!

There's a movement for self publishment too, think about that. Plus consider digital version like for the Kindle's etc. where the download is less expensive but more accessible so there's a wider range of readers.
Good luck! Keep us posted. -jadedbear

Anonymous said...

I have just discovered your blog and like the pieces I have read. I am not sure I will resolve this whole Bi thing the way you did and am confronting myself with all this later in my life compared to those in their 40's, but I can strongly relate to your story as far as I have been able to go back. I hope you do publish the book. Your photos gave you away before I finally caught the revelation that you are an architect in a post, having sped past your short profile, and I suppose that also intrigues me as I am trained as one also. There was a movie line perhaps by Woody Allen about architects that goes something like "well he has all the stylistic and culinary advantages of the gay world while being straight because he is an architect".

My tale is different a bit because I was pretty openly gay/bi in New York and San Francisco while a 9-5 straight appearing architect/parner in a small New York firm. I evolved and settled exclusively into women and married, feeling so certain this is what I was. Then later the yearnings for men returned bit by bit and now are coming roaring back at a life point I am supposed to be planning my golden years with my wife, now that the last college tuition check has been paid.

Where can I find the remnants of the old blog you did? I will be linking my blog, just begun in March this year, to yours.

I look forward to following your post straight marital identity and reflections.

Anonymous said...

You should write your book. Many people will want to read it. I want to read it. You have many readers here. J

RB said...

I'm happy to have found your new blog. I enjoyed reading comingoutat48. Wish you did more writing here!

Anonymous said...

time goes by.. I haven't checked in with your blog (at48) for ages, now I see this post-blog (at the bottom of the cliff) blog and read about the book. Go for it. It will be different work in putting it together, I hope you sell heaps too.
This is inspiring for me. Thanks. just call me Paul, that's my name but that's as OUT as I am getting for now.

Eva K. Delgado said...

I read through some of your old posts and I think you have an amazing opportunity and gift to tell a story.

If you need an editor or proofreader for your book let me know. I have a few contacts in the publishing world.

Recibir a Cristo,

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